August 2019

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Abu Dhabi Police with you for the journey ahead… F999 keeps up with youngsters desires and fascinates them with thrilling shows

Fulfilling its commitment and current theme “Abu Dhabi Police with you for the journey ahead”, there emerged the idea of manufacturing a special Abu Dhabi Police Formula car under the supervision of Security Media Department in 2009, a car known as F999. This initiative that coincides with the launch of Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The idea meets the directives of Lt. General H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior to make the police more attached to the community, and more rejoicing to its members. 
In an attractive unprecedented event, the Security Media Department has prepared a wide scale awareness and promotional campaign with aim of reaching out and staying in touch with various social groups, notably youngsters, and addressing them in the language that meets their interests and hobbies. This campaign is also meant to eventually attain the constructive partnership and cooperation, and invest the energies in such a way as to promote the development of the society and enhance the nation’s prosperity and stability. 

The idea of F999 does substantiate the modern approach pursued by Abu Dhabi Police which has established new policing concepts, supported creativity and innovation, kept pace with modern technologies and field methods of communication with the community segments. This will help achieve the awareness messages and promote the traffic and safety culture. The initiative emphasizes that the police is not depriving the young people from enjoying speed, but this has to be practiced in the appropriate time and place. “Formula thrills, speeding kills” this theme which was originated from the initiative.

Today Abu Dhabi Police is taking part in the various activities to inform the members of the public of its entertainment and recreation shows through its unique F999 theme “we ensure your safety in the fastest way”. The theme has aimed at promoting the community’s confidence in the police services.

F999 Specifications:

• Made to be the world’s fastest police car and one of the Formula 1 fastest cars.
• Equipped with the latest safety standards used for such type of cars, even far better than the cars taking part in the Formula1 race.
• With engine horsepower up to 800
• Equipped with a radio device linked to the central operation room
• Fitted with flashing blue lights and sirens and painted with Abu Dhabi Police red and white colors.
• Manufacturing of the car took many phases and in more than one country.
F999 participations:

It participated in many occasions and shows, important of which are:
• F999 launch ceremony on 28/10/2009
• Al Ain Aerobatic  Show
• Dubai Gitex 
• Abu Dhabi Barbican Turbo Show 
• Led various car shows across Abu Dhabi